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Get access to our ledger, learn how to build agents or explore how the open economic framework helps to find the things you need.

We have written a guide on how do get access to the test network.

Open Economic Framework

Our Open Economic Framework (OEF) is the machine-to-machine layer of Fetch.AI that allows agents to find, negotiate, agree and trade with each other. The OEF has many use cases for energy, transportation and health care.

Network Participation App

If you want a taste of how you could exchange data and services using Fetch.AI, you can download the network participation app. All ERC20 token holders are invited onto our testnet where they can try some of the features we are developing here at Fetch.AI.

function HelloFetchWorld() : Int32
  var world = "Fetch World";
  Print("Hello, " + world);

  return 0;

Introducing Synergetic Computing (SynC)

One of the short-comings of today’s smart contracts is that they are not capable of running “advanced compute intensive logic”. Although, in principle, it is possible to implement advanced analysis based on linear algebra in Ethereum VM (EVM), running any such contract would be economically unviable. One of the primary reasons for this is that the EVM was never intended for this type of computation. For this reason, we created a new smart contract language from scratch.

The Smart Ledger

Fetch.AI has built a unique scalable ledger capable of handling tens of thousands of transactions as well as allowing for advanced numerical analysis within smart contracts. This allows the Fetch.AI ledger to make highly advanced and optimised agreements between agents. You can get the wallet here:

If you are a developer, you might want to take the ledger for a spin. We provide you with guides and documentation here:


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